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Taking Better Pictures

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10 tips for taking better pictures of your fish

You had an amazing day out on the water fishing. Pictures are definitely in order. So you quickly snap a bunch of photos with your friends and your fish (and maybe an individual picture or two), put the fish back in the hold and eagerly await the moment when you can email your friends and family back home to show them your trophies. When you get back to the fishing lodge, you review your snapshots and realize your fish don't look quite as amazing as you had expected. But now it's too late. Your catch has already been processed and you're going home tomorrow. If only you had taken a few extra minutes and a little extra care to make sure your pictures turned out better.

The following "10 tips for taking better pictures of your fish" are based on the most common problems we have seen at our fishing lodge. These are suggestions to keep in mind so the people you left behind believe you when you say you "caught one THIS big!" You'll have great pictures to prove it!

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1. Spray the blood off your fish!

2. Turn the gaff point away from you or cover it up.

3. Try not to pose with fish that are missing scales.

4. Make sure the entire fish is in the picture.

5. Turn the broad side of the fish toward the camera.

6. Photograph the side of the halibut that contrasts best with its surroundings.

7. Use your flash to avoid dark pictures.

8. Keep the horizon straight in the picture.

9. Do not get in front of others' faces or their fish. Do not hide behind people or fish.

10. Be creative and take fun pictures.

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