Alaska Premier Charters Inc. Wild Strawberry Lodge Sitka Alaska


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As soon as you get off the boat after a day of fishing, our fish processors take care of your catch with custom, on-site processing. They clean, fillet, vacuum pack, flash freeze and box it all according to your specifications.

Typically, depending on seasons and limits, you end up with one to two 50 lb. boxes with a mixture of salmon, halibut, rockfishes and ling cod. (This varies, of course, and is contingent on your length of stay, number and type of fish caught, and what species are in season during your stay.)

On your departure day, our processors bring your processed catch to the airport for you and help you check it in as luggage on your return flight home. This is completely hassle-free for you, and ensures that you will be able to enjoy your catch of delicious, fresh, Alaskan fish for many months to come.

These folks are good…Really good! If you’ve always wanted to do this but think you don’t have the fishing skills, they’ll take you from wherever you are to a high level, which will translate into success. If you’ve been from Tarpon to Tuna but haven’t tried this, their local knowledge and finesse techniques will give you the extra edge in an already hot fishery. Ya gotta try this at least once. And trust me, Wild Strawberry Lodge is gonna be your best bet all around. Like our Gov. AHnold once said, “AH’ll be Bahck! -Pete Y. (July 2009)