Alaska Premier Charters Inc. Wild Strawberry Lodge Sitka Alaska


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What is included in the sportfishing package price?

Do you provide lodging?

Where is Sitka?

Do you have laundry facilities available?

What about transportation?

Is Sitka on a remote island, or does it have amenities available?

What else can I do besides fish while I'm there?

What kind of temperatures can I expect in Sitka?

What should I bring with me to Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. / Wild Strawberry Lodge?

Are gratuities included in the package price?

What are my options for my arrival night dinner?

Do you provide raingear?

How far out on the ocean will we go fishing?

What do you fish for?

How long is a typical fishing day?

What kind rods and reels do you use?

How big are your boats and how many people will be on them?

Do your boats have bathrooms?

What kind of food options are available on the boat?

Do you provide alcohol?

Do you offer day charters?

What types of Cell phone coverage are available in Sitka, Alaska?

I wanted to thank you and your employees for providing my son Colton and dad Dave with a wonderful experience. They about had my ears worn out on the drive home from the airport, telling me everything about their trip. Colton talked non-stop about the food, hospitality and especially the crew on the boat... Many thanks to you for providing such a wonderful trip. Dad said it was a top notch operation and I'm sure Colton will be talking about this for years to come. -Rhonda S.