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Best Limits on Kings in 20 Years!

Best Limits on King Salmon Fishing in 20 Years in Sitka, Alaska

April 2nd, 2014

We are anxious for the 2014 fishing season to begin, to catch up with our friends who have been fishing with us for years and to make new friends, for first-timers to Alaska Premier Charters. While we always aim to please our clientele, this year is especially important for us, as we will expect big numbers with the King Salmon due to the most favorable regulations that we have seen in 20 years!

During May and June, the daily limit on King Salmon will be 2 Kings per day. After June, the daily limit drops to 1 King per day for the duration of the Alaska fishing season. The Annual limit is 6 King Salmon per year for the entire season.

The increase in the daily and annual limits is due to the preseason forecast being a record-high of 2.5 (normal is 1.5). The previous record-high was 2.05, so for those of you who are heading up to the Wild Strawberry Lodge for your Alaskan fishing adventure, you are in for a real treat.

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I have added one experience that every American male should have in his lifetime. Seeing New York City; Visiting Washington DC; and fishing in Sitka, Alaska. -Gene Sivertson